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Kingston War Memorial

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Keep Fishkill Beautiful

Visit this new web site on open space in the town of Fishkill, NY.

Get information on projects that are approved, and some that are on the table. Have a chance to "blog" your thoughts on what is happening in Fishkill.

Keep Fishkill Beautiful



Go Ahead, Hike Sour Mountain - Just Don't Look at the Scenery.

Sunday morning, beautiful sunny day ahead... Let's hike up Sour Mountain!

It was an exquisite hike. We crossed Clove Creek, walked the plains, hiked up rocks covered in the beautiful fall foliage that had already fallen, rested on outcroppings. We came across scat from black bear, either a canine or feline (I have personally tracked coyotes, bob cats, and I believe a mountain lion in this area), and deer. Saw the tracks of turkey, deer, raccoon, a small bird and squirrel all in one mud swatch about 2 ft. square!

Then we reached an opening at the top of the mountain on the eastern side. Here we stared in amazement at the Gap Distribution Center that looked like an entire city in itself, the Thalle Mine disaster that nearly reaches the top of it's own mountain peak (thanks Scenic Hudson), and the Dutchess Mall which is now dwarfed by it's neighbors.

Better luck on the west side of the mountain? Not so much. One of the new development projects going in on Rte 52 just west of Town Hall, Rocky Glenn, has clear cut the trees to put up it's development. This is a work force housing project - a great thing! Don't folks who live there deserve a beautiful surrounding? The protection of their soil by the strong roots of some of those trees that were there? The environmental and economic benefit of deciduous trees that block the sun's rays in the summer, and allow the warmth of the sun in the winter?

Developers by law must mark all trees larger than 8" in diameter. Why bother? There is no accompanying law that actually saves the trees. Do they simply mark the trees so they know how many they are destroying?



Paving Over History, by Marra Farrell, published in the New York Times

Op-Ed Contributor
Paving Over History
By Mara Farrell
Published: December 9, 2007

IT'S a beautiful thing to have a Revolutionary War site like the Fishkill Encampment and Supply Depot, a nationally registered landmark, in your town. But when the military camp where thousands of George Washington's troops were stationed to keep the British from moving past New York City and capturing the Hudson River is also home to the heavily trafficked Route 9 corridor, pleading for its survival can sometimes feel like a never-ending battle.
You see, the problem is that in recent years, Route 9 has become a giant strip mall with big-box stores, gas stations and motels. In its wake, grand and historic Hudson Valley landmarks like the Rapalje House and Van der Voort estate, where Samuel Loudon printed the first edition of the New York State Constitution, have been razed, forests have been sheared and ancient stone walls turned into gray dust. The biggest growth stems from Fishkill and goes all the way up to Poughkeepsie. Read more...


Spring Time On Fishkill Ridge

Fishkill Ridge Community Heritage was sent photos taken by hiker, and Fishkill Ridge admirer, Cheryl Miller, who is familiar with projects threatening water in her state of Massachusetts. Click here for more information on the The Blue Hills Reservoir on Chickatawbut Road in Quincy trying to preserve their wet lands and waterways.

Here is just a taste of the fabulous pictures Cheryl sent us - Thanks Cheryl!

Pictured is a basking Eastern Timber Rattle Snake found atop Fishkill Ridge Spring of 2007. Click here for more pictures.

Eastern Timber Rattle Snake