Dear Friends,

Today I contact you with a heavy heart to tell you that on May 13, 2005, my father died in a tragic accident at my parents' home. Two weeks have passed, and my family - indeed the community, are still adjusting to the shock of this unexpected event. More important to me than notifying you of his death, however, is to share a bit of his life with you.

Jerry LaGoyJared Francis LaGoy: October 3, 1939 - May 13, 2005.

For over thirty years Dad terrorized students at Niskayuna High school. Forcing students to think critically, come to class prepared - and on time! Bozo the Clown, with Jerry LaGoyGod help the "Bozo" who didn't. Here, Dad and his beloved get a photo-op at his retirement party. This clowning young lady came in singing "I Did It My Way" in front of about 200 people. He got such a laugh from that.

Dad also served as Fire Commissioner for Grand Blvd. Fire Company for twenty years. I remember him going to visit "the guys" at the fire house (whew, which meant he was out of our hair). He really loved the time spent there, and his participation in such an important aspect of the community.

Called the Mayor of Aqueduct Road, Dad often made his rounds visiting (and goating) various neighbors, particularly since his retirement in 1999. Aqueduct Road, literally, would not be the same without his involvement. I'm sure the road he now travels is graded just so, and the drainage meets all his specifications.

Jerry LaGoy at Goodnow FlowDad and Mom hiked into Goodnow Flow each year to spend time at camp during the cold winter months. Although the roads were not maintained in the snowy weather, this didn't stop my parents from enjoying New Years in the Adirondacks.

rafting along the Snake River in WyomingIn August 2003 our entire family traveled to Wyoming for a family vacation - 15 in all. Here, we are white water rafting in the Snake River. Although he couldn't swim, this was a ride he didn't want to miss! (clockwise from 1:00; Chris LaGoy - son, Jerry LaGoy, Jann Mirchandani - daughter, Eddie Polhemus - son-in-law, Bernie LaGoy - wife, Mike LaGoy - son, Rajesh Mirchandani - son-in-law, Ann LaGoy - daughter, Josh - man in charge) Take that trip you've been thinking of - you won't regret it! My family has been so glad we finally just did it, and put together a trip to remember.

Nisha, Arjay and Papa go for a rideNisha and Arjay are hitchin' a ride with Papa. I'm not sure how they managed it, but they actually got paid for "working" at the house. I suggested to Jann to collect their earnings as restitution.

Matthew and Grandpa nappingI found a lot of pictures of Grandpa napping with the kids! It seemed as though whenever Grandpa was babysitting they wore each other out, and needed a nap. (with grandson Matthew LaGoy)

Some of you have known me for many years, and know Dad and I never had to guess where the other stood an various topics! Of course, perspective was much easier to share when I was living in my own place. So you will also understand my lament: Now who am I going to argue with?

Although I wish there was more time, I am happy for the time we had. I am glad to have gotten to know him in my adult life, and I am proud to be my father's daughter.

- Annie