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Photo of Cast of Enemy of the People In the spring of 2001, a small group of individuals, directed by Ruthy Rosen (Witches Brew Production), gathered to perform a poignant reading of An Enemy of the People. This play was originally written by Henrik Ibsen and later adapted by Arthur Miller.

Specifically, this was an opportunity to join as one voice in opposition to the expansion of a local mining operation – Southern Dutchess Sand and Gravel.

Shortly after the initial performance, Fishkill Ridge Community Heritage was formed with the understanding that what we do today has started in the past, and will influence the future.

In a broader sense, it continues to give us, and you, the opportunity to promote and advance our living heritage within the community.

We now have the opportunity to participate together to influence responsible change in the Hudson Valley.

Together, we have a voice.

We encourage our participants to involve us in their interests and activities. This allows our voice to reach many venues. We have been represented in Ulster County’s “Ecoteam”. We are part of the Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition (IPSEC). We have actively opposed Southern Dutchess Sand and Gravel, as well as Thalle Industries, Inc. expansion permit applications.

You can often find us at local functions and events such as the Beacon Sloop Club’s seasonal festivals.

Find out more about our activities by visiting our "Issues" page.

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Photo of AHS in Enemy of the People

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