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The focus is on having fun in nature and learning about the world around us.

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Winter Bird Feeders

Here's a fun afternoon activity for kids of all ages. Pictured here are two FRCH members, aged 2 1/2 and 4.

The only supplies you will need are: Peanut Butter, Bird Seed and Yarn or String.

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Gathering Pine Cones for Bird Feeder

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What To Do

Get Ready
We poked around in the back yard to find some pine cones to use for our feeders. Pine cones that are partially opened are the easiest to hang, but the birds aren't picky and will gratefully take whatever you find!

If your pine cones are buried under snow, or you don't have any pine trees handy, you could also use a recycled yogurt cup, an old peanut butter jar or similar item. (This is a great way to teach the kids about "recycle - reuse".)

Yogurt Cup Bird FeederWe tied the string to the pine cones when we were done – I would suggest doing it first. If you are using a yogurt cup or something similar, poke a hole in the bottom, feed the string through and tie it to a twig wider than the top opening. This twig will serve as a perch for the birds. Make sure to leave enough string to hang the finished feeder.

Get Set
Once you have the base set up, have the kids cover it with peanut butter. For younger kids, you could use the back of a spoon or a spatula instead of a knife.

Roll Feeder in Bird SeedNext, roll the feeder in bird seed. Make sure your little bird watchers don't try to sample the product!

Hang the feeder from a tree branch. If you can, try to hang it near a window in your house to view your feathered friends enjoying your treat.

If you prefer you can place the feeder on a deck or window sill. Just be aware you may get squirrels as well as birds .

Keep It Going
Watch to see what types of birds come to visit. What color are the birds? Are they big or little? Have them listen, is the bird chirping? Is it making other sounds? Have the kids draw pictures of the birds they observe.

You can also go to the library and borrow a book on birds to help you identify the birds you see. Common North American feeder birds are: chickadees, cardinals, finches, sparrows and woodpeckers.