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Photo of the Newburgh Beacon Bridge Hudson Valley Municipalities Win National Green Power Leadership Awards

Philipstown is a leader in purchasing wind power

On Monday October 4th, NYSERDA President Peter Smith and wind energy
marketer Community Energy joined public officials and customers to celebrate the availability of clean, emission-free wind power to all New York State electric customers, and to honor wind power leaders who are helping to bring new wind energy to the state and region.

Currently 30 New York municipalities are wind energy customers, leading the
way for others in their community and the state to follow their example. "Municipalities throughout New York are supporting wind power, urging residents and business to follow in their footsteps", said Supervisor William Mazzuca of the Town of Philipstown, a leader in purchasing wind power in the state.

"Philipstown is proud to be one of the first municipalities in New York to purchase wind power. Wind energy is a clean energy source that doesn't pollute the air or jeopardize the health of our children," said Councilman Richard Shea. " We are pleased to be part of this green power initiative."

New York emission-free wind generated electricity is available to all New York customers. "It's time to harness the wind of New York," said Peter Smith, President NYSERDA." By fostering `All-American' power such as wind and solar - especially in these perilous times - we're less subject to the whims of oil-producing nations," Smith added.

Ron Kamen, Community Energy's NYS Director, noted that the New Wind Energy purchased by the thirty NYS municipal customers have offset Carbon Dioxide emissions by 15 million pounds per year-the equivalent environmental cleansing as planting one million trees.

NYSERDA studies have found that New York has the potential for at least 10,000 MW's of wind power - enough to supply 20% of the state's electricity needs.

"Municipal and other customers are directly driving a change in the local power mix and helping to create clean, renewable energy sources," continued Kamen. "If enough customers sign up, we can have a ten-fold increase in NYS wind power within the next 18 months. This is an historic opportunity to help create a healthier, more sustainable, and energy independent future for ourselves, and our children," he concluded.

Event participants encouraged residents to become wind energy customers by calling Community Energy at 1-866-WIND-123; or by logging onto New Wind Energy. More information is also available at Community Energy.

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