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Photograph of Fishkill Ridge Introduced by Joel Tyner: District 11 - Rhinebeck/Clinton Legislator

WHEREAS, the Poughkeepsie Journal reported last September 14th that, "There have been 60 spills involving the gasoline additive MTBE in Dutchess documented by the Department of Environmental Conservation, according to the Ithaca-based environmental company Toxics Targeting. Of those, only 15 have been 'closed' by the DEC, leaving 45 that have not been cleaned up to state standards."

WHEREAS, Sen. Chuck Schumer released a statement last October 10th that "there are 36 MTBE spills to clean up in Dutchess County, at an average cost of $500,000 per spill, or a combined total of $18 million."
Chuck Schumer

WHEREAS, "Less than 12 percent of MTBE spills cleaned to the state's own standards...A total of 2,286 MTBE spills have been reported to the state since 1985 and 262 have been cleaned to the standards, according to Toxics Targeting, "according to a front-page article by Erika Rosenberg in a February 2003 Poughkeepsie Journal. Article

WHEREAS, MTBE has been detected at twenty-seven different spill sites in our county, according to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation; twenty-two of these spills have affected groundwater, according to the DEC. Spills

WHEREAS, a front-page article in the November 2000 Hyde Park Townsman reported how the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation knew for many years about several gas stations contaminating groundwater in the Greenbush section of Hyde Park without notifying people in that neighborhood whose groundwater was jeopardized from this.

WHEREAS, "State Department of Health officials outline a plan to study birth outcomes and cancer rates in the [Endicott] area to determine whether they reflect a broader public health problem. The proposed study comes 'from our review of other studies of health outcomes associated with exposures to the industrial degreasing agent trichloroethylene, and response to residents' concerns.'" Read more...

Now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Dutchess County Legislature hereby calls on the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation to state, without any further delay, exactly where the MTBE monitoring wells are in the county, exactly what the latest test results are for those monitoring wells, exactly who has been notified in those 27 neighborhoods about those MTBE spills, and further, to issue a monthly report to the County Legislature with this information, and be it

RESOLVED, that the New York State Department of Health and/or Dutchess County Department of Health conduct a complete health assessment of the people living within a mile of those 27 MTBE spills, to look at the rates of cancer, infant mortality, other diseases, and possible correlation for those diseases with those spills, similar to what's already being done in Endicott groundwater contamination there.

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