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Bonura's Case is Unconvincing


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Letters to the Editor
December 14, 2003

Success in one field doesn't necessarily mean success in another.

Doctors and lawyers eat in restaurants, but that doesn't mean they could run one. Creating a hotel is a far cry from creating and managing a waterfront on recreational resource land.

Joe Bonura Jr.'s Face-to-Face essay gives us some measure of the abilities of the project manager in the proposed endeavor. Bonura and his family thought about this project since 1996. One may assume he has access to professional assistance in preparing his statement, just as he had access to professional help with the plan. This, then, is his statement, dressed in its best suit and with best foot forward.

And what a statement it is! It amounts to a plea for pity because Bonura's project appears to have miscalculated the time and expense of a proper proposal. The blame goes to ''negative criticism'' aided in part by ''the press.'' ''Returns are diminishing. Risk is ever increasing.'' Coming from the project manager, this project is nothing I want any part of. ''Trust me!'' is not a plan. Or is he exaggerating? You guess. I want out now.

Take a trip to the Poughkeepsie post office. Look up. Those murals are an artist's vision of what was. They were put there during the Depression to celebrate our past and with hope for our future. Their colors are as vibrant now as when applied more than 60 years ago. Let our plans be equal to that vision.

Anthony Henry Smith
for Fishkill Community Heritage

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