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"Obstructionists" Are Protecting Environment


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Letters to the Editor
January 9, 2004

Recently, in conjunction with the development of the Poughkeepsie waterfront, the word ''obstructionists'' and the phrase ''with the speed of business'' are being used quite often. I'm not familiar with either of these terms, so I've had to think about them a while to realize what they really mean.

After much thought I have realized what ''with the speed of business'' has given us: strip malls, toxic waste sites, housing developments, billboards, spam, PCBs in the Hudson River, oil spills, air pollution, fast food and MTBE in our drinking water.

''Obstructionists,'' on the other hand, have given us: the Endangered Species Act, wetlands protection, the Hudson River cleanup, historic preservation, food inspections, water testing, recycling, zoning laws, our national parks, building regulations, open space preservation, and a large butternut tree in Poughkeepsie.

William A. Sepe, Poughkeepsie

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