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Letters to the Editor
January 18, 2004

Regarding "One River, One Vision" (Soapbox, Jan. 4):

Ned Sullivan, the former commissioner of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and president of Scenic Hudson, reiterates a familiar position in regard to waterfront change at Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow. Key phrases like "public renewal" and "participate actively and constructively" are familiar for a reason. They constitute a formula that works. Applied with energy and imagination, it will work again. By stating this formula, Scenic Hudson appears to share a common vision with citizens, the developer and with village officials. Scenic Hudson, however, is not necessarily consistent. In time, Scenic Hudson may return with a contradictory position as it has done recently concerning the threatened species issue in the Fishkill Ridge area.

Scenic Hudson intervened to prevent Sour Mountain Realty from creating a mine on the Fishkill Ridge, ostensibly because mining would put the threatened Eastern Timber rattlesnake at risk. Yet only months later and less than a stone's throw away on the opposite side of Route 9, Scenic Hudson appears to have completely reversed its position on the snake issue.

Scenic Hudson not only supports the continuance of the Thalle Mine, it also requested that the size of the expansion be increased. Presumably further expansion might make it easier to plant trees in an attempt to hide the scarring that has resulted from mining. Thalle accommodated Scenic Hudson by making a last-minute change in its permit application.

Fishkill Ridge Community Heritage opposes mining the Fishkill Ridge area, including the Eastern Timber rattlesnake habitat on both sides of Route 9. Once destroyed, habitat of such magnificence cannot be recreated by the hand of man.

Ann LaGoy
Fishkill Ridge Community Heritage

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