Fishkill Ridge
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Reasons to Oppose Mining


Photo of Fishkill Creek White Water A few of the many reasons to stop mining along Route 9 in Fishkill, NY:

As the Eastern Timber Rattlesnakes' habitat decreases, they are forced into more populated areas. These normally non-aggressive threatened species are known to live on these mountains, and are an essential part of the ecosystem. Find out more.

Ever hiked up Mount Beacon? You can enjoy a spectacular view - as long as you are not looking at the hideous acres already mined by Thalle Industries. Specifically, the scar already mined by Thalle Industries can be seen by car, by plane, by foot: "Welcome to Dutchess County, New York State. We love mining."

Blasting and asphalt manufacturing can be felt and heard miles away, as well as jeopardizing the sole source aquifer located underneath the site. Homeowners and hikers are effected by Thalle Industries' mining operation: fumes from the asphalt, and the earthquake effect of the blasting degrade this historic land.

In principle, there's not a dime's worth of difference between the proposed Thalle Mine expansion and the many other mining operations within just a few miles of it, such as Southern Dutchess Sand and Gravel Mine. It boils down to this: both mines ask the public to put up with years of expense, inconvenience and destruction for the sake of personal profit for a very few individuals.

Click here to find out how our case is progressing.

There are places where mining is just not appropriate. Fishkill Ridge is not the only area facing destruction:

Paleo-Indians occupied the caves on the slopes of Lookout Mountain. What's remarkable is this: they lived there about 10,580 the end of the last ice age, 8000 years BEFORE the pyramids of Egypt. In 1965 the site was confirmed to be the oldest known site east of the Mississippi.

Orange County has created a 20 acre preserve around the site, but attempts to provide appropriate protection, study, and interpretation for the site have failed. Read more…

August 30, 2004 update…

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