Fishkill Ridge
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Stop the Expansion of Thalle Mine!


Photo of Beacon We're told by Thalle Industries they must continue to blast this area to properly reclaim the land.

Taking more land is going in the wrong direction!

We're told by the DEC that if Thalle Industries violate the law, "the full might and majesty of New York State" (Jonah Treibwasser, council for DEC) will come down on them.

Of course, by then it may be too late for the wildlife inhabitants of Clove Creek.

This effects ALL OF US!

By permitting the activity, we're counting on integrity, good will and just plain luck to protect Clove Creek from disaster.

Here's a better plan: Stop The Activity!

Don't permit the expansion of Thalle Mine, and work to shut down all mining at the historic Wiccopee Pass - part of a federally declared National Heritage Area. The DEC needs public oversight on these projects. We propose to provide that.

You can help by adding your voice to ours.
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