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Indian Morter Stone We actively participate with many organizations to ensure a safer and more sustainable Hudson Valley. Please look at our links page for more information.

Fishkill Ridge Community Heritage strongly opposes the expansion of the Thalle mine and the Montfort mine and is working hard to ensure that such expansion is blocked. Read more…

During the course of actively apposing Thalle Industries mine expansion, Fishkill Ridge Community Heritage has called to the forefront other issues vital for the Hudson Valley. We highlight these issues here and in our "Dialogue" feature where you can get a closer look at actions we are taking. As always, we welcome all to participate.

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Standing Firm In Difficult Times: Fishkill Ridge Community Heritage Update Report Re: Thalle Mine Expansion

Letter from the President: Fishkill Ridge Community Heritage regrets the decision rendered on November 3rd, 2004 by NYSDEC Deputy Commissioner Carl Johnson. The Deputy Commissioner’s decision denies Fishkill Ridge Community Heritage’s appeal in the matter of the expansion of Thalle Mine. This decision has cleared the way for the mine’s immediate expansion.

An unintended but welcome consequence of this decision is that it opens the door for a closer look at our dysfunctional DEC. Closer inspection also invites a reappraisal of Scenic Hudson, Inc. in view of that organization's peculiar and exacerbating role in the matter of the expansion of Thalle Mine. Moreover, although the Deputy Commissioner's decision is not the one we sought, it serves our purpose to this extent; it provides an opportunity to initiate action toward much needed governmental reforms in environmental protection. Read entire letter…

An in depth report accompanies this letter. The index of background information as well as detailed essays addressing several topics this case has brought forth can be found at the bottom of the letter page.


Boycott. Sam's Club. Boycott. Wal-Mart. Boycott. Sam's Club. Boycott. Wal-Mart. Boycott.

Please visit our index page dedicated to informing you of the many reasons Wal-Mart does not deserve our hard earned dollars.
"Wal-Mart Is Not a Business, It's an Economic Disease"
by Richard Freeman and Arthur Ticknor. Just one of the articles highlighted there. Index page…


There are places where mining is just not appropriate

Paleo-Indians occupied the caves on the slopes of Lookout Mountain. What's remarkable is this: they lived there about 10,580 the end of the last ice age, 8000 years BEFORE the pyramids of Egypt. In 1965 the site was confirmed to be the oldest known site east of the Mississippi.

Orange County has created a 20 acre preserve around the site, but attempts to provide appropriate protection, study, and interpretation for the site have failed. Read more…

Learn more about Native American history by visiting the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center web site.